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My name is Elena, the Origin is Spanish meaning the bright one. I'm a native Phoenician; I guess you could call me a country girl that loves the city! I grew up in Laveen, Arizona with 2 younger brothers and my parents, Richard and Phyllis are still happily married . I have ridden horses ever since I can remember.  Here's a fun fact ~ I used to give horseback riding lessons as a teenager!

My journey into photography started in 2000.  I have always been obsessed with Real Estate ~ big homes and small homes. I like to think I have an eye for just the right angle creating a very natural and inviting look. I like my viewers to feel as if they are in the same place as the photo. With time, practice and acquiring bigger and better gear I have become a successful and proud business owner with a reputation for always going the extra mile and taking the time to make sure everything is perfect. My husband has recently joined me and is in charge of our Drone work!

Today I am happily married to the man of my dreams, Joshua and together we have one big, loud happy family! He is an amazing stepfather to Andrew and Lydia a pretty awesome dad to our Lily Pad. We have 3 dogs, 4 chickens, a desert tortoise and a hairless guinea pig!. You can say I'm a lucky girl because I have the best of both worlds a family and a pretty cool job!

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Email:                  Phone:  480-252-0393

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